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Surrey Fires & Stoves

HETAS Registered, Multi Fuel Stoves, Wood Burning Stoves, Fire Surrounds, Stone Hearths, Fireplace's

164 High Road, Byfleet Village, Surrey, England. KT14 7RG. Tel: 01483 592552 / 07775 675229

"Sustainable Energy for a Sustainable Future"

Wood is considered humankind’s very first source of energy.....

Wood fuels arise from multiple sources including forests, other wooded land and trees outside forests, co-products from wood processing, post-consumer recovered wood and processed wood-based fuels.

Today, Wood is still the most important single source of sustainable energy providing over 9% of the global total primary energy supply.

Wood energy is as important as all other renewable energy sources altogether (hydro, geothermal, wastes, biogas, solar and liquid biofuels).

More than two billion people around the world depend on wood energy for heating and/or cooking, particularly in households in developing countries. It represents the only domestically available and affordable source of sustainable energy.

Wood energy is also an important emergency backup fuel. Societies at any socio-economic level will switch easily back to wood energy when encountering economic difficulties, natural disasters, conflict situations or fossil energy supply shortages.

Private households’ cooking and heating with wood fuels represents one third of the global renewable energy consumption, making wood the most decentralized energy in the world.

Wood energy has entered into a new phase of high importance and visibility recently through accelerated climate change and global energy security concerns...

Wood energy globally is considered as a climate neutral and socially viable source of renewable energy when supplied from sustainably managed resources and through efficient combustion minimising emissions.